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Drawing of the house from the -50's.

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Wasshult 1939
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Mamma Mu (Mother Moo, Mu is the way the Swedish cow sounds) it's also a very good restaurant in Laxå, which we strongly recommend. It was the staff there who helped us to Wasshult, when we were looking for a summerhouse. The problem is their opening hours, we have still not got the hold of them. So every time we went there it has been closed. (OK, not every time, then we couldn't recommend it, could we?)

Sorry to late! Mother Mu is sold and we can't yet say if it's good or bad. 
(we have not been there yet)
 Det går aldrig...
Uj, uj, will never function


Yes, I know it takes a very looong time to get all that pictures but I'm doing this page only for my own pleasure, so don't complain. I have certainly not asked you to check this page. I must have something to do dark cold winter nights.
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These pictures are borrowed from Karin Nilsson, my blacksmith friend whose mother lived in Vasshult.

The sign is misspelled after we found spelling with capital W in church records from 1871.
It could be Wasshult both are right.

Click here for excerpts from the church register from 1811

Look, at the top of the Hill, there it is,Wasshult!

Same view a sunny winter day.

If you want to see a real Wintersaga click here!

The farm is supervised by the trolls. The trolls have been with us for many years, from Norrtälje to here. They were made to the kids who always saw the trolls when we passed the bus station Trollängen. (Trollfield)

Even in winter watching trolls everything that happens on Wasshult. Our trolls is real house gnomes.


It was sun and snow that winter day, when this photo was taken. And I say, it is not so common in Sweden nowadays. Things were better in the good old days. Then it was the weather!

Same house just a little earlier in the year, with the vegetables dazzling at the corner of the cottage.

The house from a different angle. The card taken before the porch construction started.

The Greenhouse Siwan got for her birthday. A real puzzle. But after a lot of swearing and bloodshed it was in place.

The latest news is the construction of the sun deck that will later become a glassed-in porch.
Perfect for enhance the mood for Christmas anyway.
This is how the barn looked like before we changed the roof and after repainting.

The barn leaning precariously but has a new metal roof.
More pictures available above.

Evening Picture of floodlit barn.

The house shown in the picture is the old henhouse, meant to eventually become a sauna or perhaps accommodate any guests. We'll see.

Beware here she comes......
Vasshults Helldriver
Grandmother, still in Börje (Garden tractor).
Note the cow patterned upholstery on the seat.

Lasse checking out Börjes successor, the new Dolly Partner, with the same cow outfit!

Party flag in the shape of a cow is of course a must at Wasshult.

What's missing is animals. No I don't think so, we have many mouse's who eats our bed clothing, foxes who eats our berries, mouse's who eats our apples, bird who eats our seeds, wasps and horseflies who eats us and homo sapiens (of hyena family, gangstera grandiose) and they eat all that's left.

A new barn roof

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A new chimney

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