Värmlands theatre - Amateur theatre school  
cheek to cheek
Jonas Gardell

Why was this play so importent? Because it was Sandras debut on stage and that is importent to us! 
That it's so few pictures of her is because she was the photographer at the Theatre. But some some more pictures are still in her fathers camera.

In the Back: Fredrik Möller, Christine Rehnberg, Annika Larsson, Malin Magnusson, Daniel Andersson Front: Alexandra Hagelman, Märta Lundin, Linnea Benneberg, Katarina Ahl. Jenny Lakmaker Längst Fram: Bosse Runqvist

The undertaker 

The undertaker's employee and friend Erika

Margareta, looking for the true love.


Many pictures from the restaurant scenes it is.


Sandra plays the priest in these performance.

In the other performance she plays a actor with alcohol problem.